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Welcome to the Family

We believe that the arts of Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are vehicles that lead to a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Through these art forms, we gain physical fitness, technical skills, discipline and focus.  Just as important are the connections to our team members as part of our extended family.  We are committed to creating an environment that is safe, fun and respectful; one that allows each individual to develop to their fullest potential which will in turn create a positive impact on other areas of their lives.

Capoeira & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Our Passion

Mestre (Master) Itaborá’s journey started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1970.  At age 11, he started studying Afro-Brazilian folklore at the Rio de Janeiro Folklore School.  Folklore eventually led him to Capoeira, initially learning in the informal street environment prior to becoming a student of Capoeira Senzala under Mestre Camisa for many years.  


Capoeira and drumming brought him to the United States in 1984 and under the guidance of Mestre Jelon Vieira he both performed and taught in many schools, theaters and universities including Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Los Angeles. 


Mestre Itaborá also has 5 black belt certifications from Alliance Jiu Jitsu, one of the most recognized Brazilian Jiu Jitsu organizations in the world.  As a competitor in JiuJitsu, he has a record of about 400 matches and  has earned titles such as World Champion and Pan Am Champion.  


He has taught countless Capoeira and Jiu Jitsu seminars both within the US and internationally,  


Mestre Itaborá also holds a Bachelors Degree in Sports Nutrition, three personal training certifications and a certification in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) as a Mobility Specialist.  This expertise allows him to design classes that are safe, science-based and can be adapted to an individual body’s needs.


"I believe that Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are art forms that create communities, promote tolerance, teach valuable skills and build respectful citizens."

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